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What Shree Samarth Offered

  • Flat pricing of per panel includes tinkering and complete repainting
  • Experienced workshops & specialized repair mechanics
  • Free Pick-up and drop from home/office
  • Factory finish guaranteed
  • Scheduled Car Service
  • Certified Car Mechanic and Transparent Pricing

Shree Samarth car care advantages


Door Step Service

Certified car mechanic


Transparent pricing


happiness guaranteed


upfront and cost-effective

highly equipped workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete AC system diagnosis and Air filter cleaning, Condesenser Cleaning, Blower & AC vent cleaning, Floron Gas recharge with Complete wiring checkup
Repainting is recommended for very old vehicles or if the car has extensive dents, nicks and scratches. Ceramic Coating on the other hand, is a protective coating for vehicles that are relatively new. It can also be used for paint protection and restoration if the vehicle's paint is heavily oxidized and is experiencing fading.
Conventional wax doesn't last long since the ingredient in these waxes (Carnauba) breaks down under everyday usage. Polishing compounds on the other hand are made up of a series of cross-linking polymer emulsions that help it last way longer than wax compounds.